Progress @ Derby 7th Jan 95 - Paul Trouble Anderson & Mark Moore (P1)
The Conservatory, Willow Row, Derby
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
Paul Trouble Anderson
1. Judy Cheeks - Respect
2. Mike Dunn feat MD Xpress - God Made Me Phunky "god made me funky"
3. Janet Rushmore - Joy (Kaoz Gone Insane)
4. Brownstone - Pass The Lovin' (UBQ Vibestone Dub) "have me all night" female
5. [26:30] ? "feel it" female
6. Diana Ross - Love Hangover
7. DJ Disciple - When The Music Stops (Todd Edwards Remix)
8. Ronni Simon - B Good 2 Me
9. Northbound - Never Gonna Be The Same

9. Northbound - Never Gonna Be The Same (cont)
10. Daphne - When You Love Someone (Groove Instrumental)
11. Sir Dane - Come And Get My Love
12. Tanya Blount - I'm Gonna Make You Mine (In My Life Mix) "happy in my life" male
13. The Bucketheads - The Bomb
14. Ralphi Rosario Introducing Donna Blakely - Gotta New Love (Keep Pushin On)
15. Key Of Life - Forever
16. Hardrive - Deep Inside
17. Swing 52 - Color Of My Skin (The Revelation)

Mark Moore
1. DJ Casanova - Percussion Discussion "this generation rules the nation
2. Erik - We Got The Love (PG Tips Dub) "such a feeling" female/samples kariya piano
3. Shades Of Rhythm - My Love (Shades Dub)
4. Luvspunge - Sexual Healing [Spiritual] "that sensual healing" female
5. The Shaker - Just Lick It (Original Hand & Spear Mix) [Ugly Bug] "do it for you, like you want me to" male
6. Hope - Tree Frog (Vocal Mix)
7. Stylofoam - Comes Over Me "the fantasy, comes over me" female
8. One Tribe - High As A Kite (Home Recording) [FFRR] "come on" male / hammond

8. One Tribe - High As A Kite (Home Recording) [FFRR] "come on" male / hammond cont
9. Eskubar - Get Down [Transworld] "come on, I said shut up, get down to the funky beat"
10. Creation - Feel It "dont you feel it"
11. Tin Tin Out feat Espiritu - Always Something There To Remind Me
12. Stylofoam - Think About It [Stylofiction]
13. Lisa Marie with Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra - Something's Jumpin' In Your Shirt
14. Salvia - Fiesta Conga [Movin Melodies] crazy frog
15. Blue World - Hello Darling

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