Progress @ Derby 17th July 93 - Dave Seaman 2
1. PG1 - Keep Hot [Limbo] "make it hot"
Dave Seaman
2. Kathy Brown - Kathy Brown - Cant Play Around "when it comes to love"
3. Analogue City - It Was All About Love
4. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin' Mix)
5. Brothers Love Dubs - Ming's Incredible Disco Machine (The Playboys Fully Loaded Mix)
6. Rollin Gear - Ive Got It [UFG] "i got it, i can make confusion" whitney houston vocal sample / trumpet
7. FPI Project - Come On (And Do It) (Mothers At Work Remix)
8. Brothers Love Dubs - Mings Incredible Disco Machine (Bigger & Badder Ming Mix) [Stress]
9. Lost Tribe Of The Lost Minds - Mu-sika (Route 66 Bivouac Mix) "muzika" foreign male / piano
10. Sasha & Danny Campbell - Together (Sasha's United Club Mix)
11. Volcano - Let Your Body Be Free [Olympic] "one love one life"
12. Janet Jackson - If (Brothers In Rhythm Dub) [Virgin]
13. Aftershock - Slave to the Vibe
14. Helicopter - On Ya Way
15. Famous - Everybody Listen (Pulsating Dub) "listen up everybody has a meaning"
16. Gipsy - Skinnybumblebee [Limbo]
17. Utah Saints - I Want You (DJ Tim's Funky Bliss Mix) [FFRR] "back to the front" piano
18. Evolution - Photogenic (Supermodel Mix) "i think i want some more" female breathing / camera click / piano
19. Shakespear's Sister - You're History (Brothers In Rhythm Remix) [DMC 6/93]
20. Sasha & Danny Campbell - Together (Sasha's Reunited Club Mix)
announcer thanks Dave Seaman
21. The Funky Bunch - The Message [Progress Records] "the message im sending"


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