Eurodance @ Prestwick Airport, NYE 92/93
Bob Jeffries
1. TTF - Real Love
2. Felix - Dont You Want Me
3. Rhythm Quest - Closer To All Your Dreams (Piano Mix)
4. FPI Project - Rich In Paradise (Going Back To My Roots)
Jacqui Morrison
5. Jody Watley - Im The Only One (Dead Zone)
6. Trilogy - Good Time (Robi-Rob's House Anthem) "trilogy got you movin your body"
7. QX-I presents A Black Girl Named Sally - Say You Love Me "your wish is my command, moaning" female
8. Play Boys - Mindgames (You Keep Playing Guitar)
9. Capricorn - Taste
10. East 17 - Gold (Paws On The Floor)
11. Frontier Man - Express-It Thru The Dance (Original Techno Mix)

Bass Generator
1. Liquid Crystal - The Power Within "can you feel it, feel the rhythm in your feet" female / piano
2. Francesco Zappala - No Way Out "no no way" female/hoover
3. Fargetta - The Music Is Movin
4. R.A.F. - I Cant Believe [GFB] "dope, its the beat thats hype" male
5. Love Decade - Dream On (Is This A Dream)
6. Can Can Gang - Can Can [Pinocchio] the can can (heavy)
Unknown DJ?
7. Buzz - Feel It (The Power Mix - Full Length Version) [Internal Bass] "power" male
8. Bizarre Tracks - Sensory Delight (Step 1) [Lemon Sol] "do it do it right do it right" female broken beat
9. Leila K - Open Sesame (Felix Remix)
10. Freak Sisters - The Freak Boutique / Weve Got To Live Together [Nucleus] "weve got to come together, freak it"
11. N-Joi (Live PA)


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