The Positive Collection, late 94 - Jeremy Healy & Luvdup
Tape 1 - Jeremy Healy
1. Greed - Pump Up The Volume (DMC Remix)
2. Reel 2 Real - Raise Your Hands (Erick More Club Mix)
3. 2 In A Room - El Trago (The Drink) (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
4. Reel 2 Real - Raise Your Hands (Keith's Klub Mix)
5. M People - Sight For Sore Eyes (Hed Boys Post Op Mix)
6. Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
7. Sub Bug - Getdown (Get To Dub ep) [Fantastic] "get down to the funky song"
8. Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman - Can You Feel It (think its Jules & Skin's mix)
9. Hustlers Convention - Uptown (Broadway's Most Wanted Remix)
10. L.W.S. - Gosp (Bottom Dollar Stomp Mix)
11. Suzi Carr - All Over Me (Delorme Club Mix)
12. The Foot Club - Driftwood (Hoof Mix)
13. South Street Player - (Who) Keeps Changing Your Mind (Sure Is Pure Mix)
14. Thelma Houston - Don't Leave Me This Way (Joe T. Vannelli Dubby Mix)
15. Kim English - Nite Life (Big Bump Mix)
16. Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Boys Own Mix)
17. Grace - Not Over Yet (Perfecto Mix)

Tape 2 - Luvdup (59min)
1. Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight (Commission Club Mix) [Ripe]
2. Pedro & Raoul - Ibiza Get Wild
3. All Things Nice - Luv Tribe (Cant Stop Mix) plez vocals
4. The Shaker - Mooncat (Bonesy's Hand & Spear Vocal Mix) "turning up the bass"
5. Li Kwan - I Need A Man (Seka Mix) "come on, I cant wait no more"
6. Movin Melodies - P.A.R.T.Y. (mix?) "party time in the place to be" male
7. Mighty Dub Katz - Magic Carpet Ride
8. Space Master - Jumping To The Party (mix?)
9. Hannah Jones - Rise (Loveland's Full On Vocal Mix)
10. Joey Musaphia - Untitled A1 (Cover Ups Vol 2) sample MJ "mamma say" TUNE
11. The Cotton Club - In My House (Club Grooves EP) [Fantastic]
12. Boomerang - So Damn Tuff (Babylon Mix) [Sperm] piano/fatboys vocal sample "brr stick em"
13. Black Box - Not Anyone (Kamasutra Remix) [Groove Groove Melody]
14. Twangling - Twangling (Three Fingers In A Box) (Pukka Mix)
15. The Coming Out Crew - Free, Gay & Happy (Deep Throat Mix)
16. Soft House Co. II - What You Need (Luv Dup's Sat At Home Mix)

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