Pimp @ Wolverhampton 94 - Boy George & Jon Pleased Wimmin
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ? "white is black, black is white" male
Boy George
2. Shirley Bassey - Im In The Mood For Love
3. Dream Frequency - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Dancing Divaz Remix)
4. Loleatta Holloway - The Queens Anthem (Cummin In My Rollers Mix) [Six6]
5. II Real, D Day - Chicken Soup Song "get down, you make me feel feel feel, i need a little" female/backwards funky guitar
6. Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Of My Man (A Dub 4 Junior)
7. Mentally Stable - I Wanna F*ck (Azzetto Mix) [Calypso] put your hands up
8. Sophie's Boys - Sweet Attitude "yum yum music" male
9. House Proud - Another Party [Slapback] "yall want this party started"
10. The Purple Kings - Thats The Way You Do It [Positiva] samples dire straits money for nothing
11. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix)
12. [56:00] ? inst
13. Soundsation - Peace And Joy (Original White Label Version)
14. Banderas - This Is Your Life (1994 Remix) + Boy George singing Generations Of Love live
15. Amos - Only Saw Today / Instant Karma

Jon Pleased Wimmin
1. The Rolling Stones - You Got Me Rocking (Perfecto Mix)
2. Chugger (Chuggles Revenge) - Thank You "youve given me power, in the spirit, together with power, oh baby" repeated female
3. 5th Circuit - Sexy Movemaker "sexy move maker, rump shaker, here we go"
4. Livin Joy - Dreamer
5. Home Alone - Gimme Your Love (House Mix) [Loaded] "get up" male
6. Hustlers Convention - Uptown (Broadway's Most Wanted Remix)
7. [28:50] ? female
8. Sister Bliss - Can't Get A Man, Can't Get A Job (Life's A Bitch)
9. Twangling - Twangling (Three Fingers In A Box) (Pukka Mix)
10. Masters Of The Monotonal Groove - Gotta Keep On [3 Beat] "take control, people everywhere" female/sax
11. Sub Bug - Got To Get It On [Fantastic] "youve got the love" female
12. [53:50] ??? "mamma say"
13. Rollo Goes Camping - Get Off Your High Horse (Luvdup Remix)
14. Time Of The Mumph - Control
15. ASHA - JJ Tribute (Rob Tissera Meets Dream Frequency)
16. Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil

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