Mike Pickering @ Lakota Bristol 26-3-93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ? piano inst
2. The Beloved - Celebrate Your Life (C'est La Vie Mix) "you got the power"
3. Kamar - I Need You (Big Dub Mad)
4. Jerusalem - Jerusalem (King Solomans Mix) [Om Records] "I need, I need it" female
5. Black Traxx #4 Project X - Can U Feel It "oh i can feel it" female/organ
6. K&M - Funk & Drive (Calmed Down Mix)
7. [20:50] ? ethnic inst with broken beats
8. Hue And Cry - Labour Of Love (Nitro's Wall Mix)
9. Funk Machine - Lets Get This Party Started (Party Mix)
10. Helicopter - On Ya Way
11. X-Press II - Muzik Xpress
12. TC Crew - Once Bitten (Once Instrumental) "na na na na" repeated female/warehouse piano

13. Eddie S - The Spell [Freeze] "its got me indian spell" (bassline like donna summer - i feel love)
14. Sima - Give You Myself (Club Mix)
15. James Brown - Cant Get Any Harder (Clivilles & Cole House Of Soul Mix) "feel the rhythm, get up get up" sax
16. Roach Motel - Movin On
17. Chic - Everybody Dance (Evolution Remix) [DMC 3/93]
18. Jermaine Stewart - Set Me Free (Funky Dub) "take these chains away from me" male/piano
19. Robin S - Show Me Love (Stonebridge Club Mix)
20. Reel To Real feat The Mad Stuntman - Go On Move


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