Phil Smart & Sugar Ray - DMC Presents (early 1993)
Phil Smart Side
1. McKoy - Fight (The P.G. Tips Battle Dub) "i do i do" female "you gotta fight" male
2. Levy & Friends - Deep (Diss-Cuss Remix) "aint nothing but a party going on, my sweet sugar" male
3. Mukkaa - Buruchacca [Limbo] "gonna be alright"
4. The Afro Kid - Dubtown Discoteque (A) [Produce]
5. Leila K - Open Sesame (Felix Remix)
6. System 7 - 7: 7 Expansion (Conspiracy Mix) samples duck rock
7. International Foot Language - Life On Loop (Ragga Vocoda) [UCR] "free up your mind" ragga male
8. Aardvark - The Return Of Rasputin (The Mad Monk On A Dub Tip Stylee) [Skunk]
9. The Dust Brothers - Song To The Siren

Sugar Ray Side
1. Ioni - Sentence Of Love (BBG's Sexy Dub) [A&M] "the heart starts beating, the mind starts willing" female
2. The Magi - Rising (Dub) [Mondo] "bonga bonga" male scat
3. Hardfloor - Acperience 1
4. Power Bit - Division (Love Kills Version) [Zener] "lose all control of your body mind and soul" female / piano
5. Ohm - Tribal Tone (Mo' Better Grooves Mix) [Hubba Hubba]
6. Psuedo Psuedo - Symphony Of Islam (Nights Of Islam) [Liquid]
7. 4 For Money - Its A Moment In Time (Rising High Dub) [Tam Tam]
8. Glam - Hells Party (Remix)
9. Limited Edition - The Light [Go Bang!]
10. Sound Factory - Cuban Gigolo "let go of this, get on your feet & dance to the beat"

comment: also seen this set labelled - Sugar Ray - Vol.2, early 93

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