CJ Mackintosh & Phil Cheeseman @ Hard Times, Huddersfield 10-9-94
(double tape pack)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
* CJ Mackintosh *

1. Logic - Blues For You [Strictly Rhythm] "ooh baby" female
2. Patti Austin - Reach [GRP] "reach for the love"
3. The Dream Team - Love is What We Need "for my brothers and my sisters" male
4. Joey Musaphia - Macusa (Cover Ups Vol. 1) "treaty"
5. Hat Trixx - Ole Ole (Satoshi Tomeii) [Sound Of Ministry] "well well well, let the games begin"
6. Patra - Worker Man (Satoshi Tomeii Remix)
7. Joe T Vanelli feat Csilla - Play With The Voice (female whailing)
8. Spirits - Dont Bring Me Down (David Shaw Up & Down Dub) [MCA]
9. Spirits - Dont Bring Me Down (Original Club Mix)
10. Janet Jackson - Thats The Way Love Goes (CJ Mackintosh Dub)
11. Basia - Drunk On Love (Roger S Ultimate Anthem Mix) "love love love, another day, you never know a better day" female/piano
12. [68:30] ??? "woow" female/organ
13. George Washington Presents The Presidents Men - Taste The Poison [Strictly Rhythm] "deeper deeper"
14. Aretha Franklin - Jump To It (Unreleased CJ Mackintosh Mix) inst with organ
15. Voices - Voices In My Mind [Sound of Ministry]
16. Todd Terry - Devils Dance [Hard Times]
17. Jodeci - You Got It (Cosmack Dub) [MCA] 

* Phil Cheeseman * (Strictly Rhythm)
1. Robert Armani - Home Improvement (briefly)
2. Umosia - Feeling High (DJ Pierre's Club Mix) "dancing all night long, funk music"
3. Armand Van Helden Presents Old School Junkies - Allright [Henry Street] "alright, ow" tom tom drums / funky sax
4. Todd Terry - Keep On Jumpin
5. The Bucketheadz - The Bomb
6. Sun, Sun, Sun - Curious (Vocal Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "im watching you across the floor" male
7. Inner City - Share My Life
8. Chanelle - Work That Body (Club Mix)
9. Tonja Dantzler - In And Out Of My Life
10. Taylor Dayne - I'll Wait "just a little more time"
11. X Fade feat Lavette - Good & Plenty Love (The Wild Pitch Mix) "i need some love, need some lovin" female / piano
11. X Fade feat Lavette - Good & Plenty Love (The Wild Pitch Mix) "i need some love, need some lovin" female / piano (cont)
12. George Morel - This Is My Party (Bitch Get Out) (Morel's Grooves Pt. 6) [Strictly Rhythm]
13. CeCe Peniston - Hit By Love (D-Max Dub) "my sweet thang" female
14. Todd Terry - Rain (Unreleased Project Part 6) funky piano / xylaphone breakdown
15. Kerri Chandler - Climax 4 (Stratosphere ep) "gonna give you some love" female / jazzy piano
16. Lonnie Gordon - Do You Want It (Smack Mix) "do you need it, my love" female / piano
17. [21:00] ??? "gotta keep on dancing" male
18. [23:20] ??? "alright alright" repeated female
19. The Soul Of Nick Jones - Peace & Unity (Tupperware Nightmare Mix) male / organ riff / sax
20. [32:00] ??? "get so talkin about the, ooh" male / organ bass
21. Virtual Soul - Luvin' (Whole Lotta Luv') [Strictly Rhythm] "i got lovin lovin lovin, love" aretha franklin vocal sample/organ
22. The S-Man - Time 2 Stop (Sneaky and 9 To 5 Mix)

original tape cover

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