DiY Jack & Sasha @ Perception Wonderland 10-7-92
1. Transglobal Underground - Templehead (played on 45rpm)
2. Aretha Franklin - Everyday People (Remix)
3. Clive Griffin - I'll Be Waiting (Red Zone Mix) "oh ha aye aye"
4. Basscut - Im Not In Love "doo da d ahh ahh"
5. Clubhouse - Deep In My Heart (Red Zone Mix)
6. Dupree - Brass Disk
7. Lisa M - People (Nellee's Rave Mix) "come on people" female
8. Barracuda - Drug Fits The Face (Moby alias)
9. Bomb The Bass - You See Me In 3D (Remix)
10. Cool 2 - Kinda Groovy (Psychotropic Remix) samples Jungle Boogie
11. The Blapps Posse - Dont Hold Back (91 Remix)
12. Incognito - Always There

extra tracks are from sasha wasp factory demo 91 

1. Nush - Nush (Original Mix)
2. White Dove - Keepin The Faith (Post-Acidic Climbdown)
3. Sima - You Got Me Running (acappella)
4. Brothers Love Dubs - Right Up There Forever [Stress] (sounds like Forever And A Day)
5. Tony Carrasco presents Lee Leblanc - I Fell You (Inst)
6. Olophonics - Were Gonna Jack (Concept Zone) [Pan Pot]
7. Frontline - Scream
8. Uncle Bob - Uncle Bob's Burly House (The Creative Thieves Mix) "dan dan dan" temperatures rising vocals
9. Enlight - I Feel It (San Francisco: The Magick Sounds Of The Underground) female/piano/breakbeat-ish
10. Sunscreem - Love U More (Slam Mix)

 original tape cover

comment: im a bit confused with this set, I recon side B is defo from 92 but side A fits more with Sashas sets from around July 91, also side A of the tape is always online credited to DiY Jack ?!. also I received a mixtape labelled "Sasha Wasp Factory Demo 91" which is an extended version of side A. also side A is similar to Sasha @ Bradford University, July 91

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