Danny Rampling & Ian Ossia : Boxed 95
Recorded @ Deja Vu, Hull 1995
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
* Danny Rampling *
1. Towa Tei - Technova (Remix) "bum ding lin, bum diddly" male scat/french vocals/piano
2. [04:20] ??? "sweet child, they dont think I love you" female
3. [08:00] ??? male scat/organ
4. Eddie S. - Viva La Revolution [TNT] "viva the revolution" female/organ
5. [14:40] ??? "rock the house and" male
6. Happy Clappers - I Believe
7. Diva Rhythms - Come On Girls (Let's Rock That) "say one for the treble, two for the time, come on girls rock that" male rap
8. Stimulus - C'mon An' Love Me Babe "feel my body, come on lets go" female/bongos/piano
9. Sara Parker - My Love Is Deep (Armand's Dub Of Doom) "i need your love" repeated female
10. Jimmy Somerville - Hearbeat (Armand Van Helden Mix)
11. DJ Duke - Release Da Tension (Duke Rock Da Piano Mix) "wo ho, release the tension" piano

11. DJ Duke - Release Da Tension (Duke Rock Da Piano Mix) "wo ho, release the tension" piano (cont)
12. The Shaker - Snog [Ugly Bug] "come on" male/synth
13. N.Y. Connection pres The 28 East Boyz - Trip 2 Nite "woo, trip tonight, do it"
14. Livin Joy - Dreamer (Rollo's Big Mix)
15. Size 9 - Im Ready (DJ Misjah Remix)
16. Hardfloor - Mahogany Roots (Slam Invasion Mix) [Hartbeat]
17. Watchman - Cut The Midrange [Prolekult] "drop the bass" male
18. Toja - The Home Of The Big Beat [Phuture Wax] trance 
19. Baby Doc & The Dentist - Tales Of The Seraphim (acidy inst)
20. The Pump Panel - Ego Acid

* Ian Ossia *
1. Brother Grim - Radiate (inst with horns)
2. Baby D - I Need Your Loving (Remix)
3. [07:40] ? groovy track with hammond/funky guitar
4. Artemesta - Bits + Pieces (Tin Tin Out Remix) female / piano
5. Nush - Work That Body (Bottom Dollars Save The Robot Mix) [Blunted] "move that body, work that body" male
6. The Digital Blondes - Stars "i hear the dark, the rain and the sun" female
7. The Reese Project - Direct Me (Sasha 3am Drop Mix)
8. Atlantic Ocean - Lorelei [Eastern Bloc]
9. Daphne - Change (Fathers of Sound Mix)
10. Moseph Cat - My Children (Dub Children) [Cleveland City]
11. Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Of My Man (Sound Factory Remix)
12. Count Indigo - Unknown Love (Evolution Mix)
13. Anethum - Silence Is A Rhythm Too
14. Brooklyn's Poor And Needy - Happiness (Is Just Around The Bend) "work it" female / piano
male voice "this is your DJ, Ian Ossia"
15. L'homme Van Renne - The Real Love Thang "warm it up"
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