Ian Ossia - Studio Mix 8 (June/July 94)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Mr. V - Give Me Life (Full Vocal Full Monty Mix) [Cheeky]
2. Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine
3. Duke - A New Beginning (Ramp Beginners Mix) "never gonna make it, you better get it, a brand new start" piano / male
4. Chapter 9 - Roller Coaster [Ouch!]
5. Joe Roberts - Adore (Red Jerry Mix) "hu ahh ahh" familiar
6. N.Y. Connection - In Front / Wan' It (Original Mix) "I want it baby"
7. Left Hand Down - Viva Dubs Pt 1 [Subwoofer] "ooh baby yeah" female / piano
8. Taiko - Echo Drop (Hard Mix)
9. [45:30] ? "all night long" male (briefly)

10. Deep Piece - Torwart (Loud Bass Mix) [Limbo]
11. Hed Boys - Girls + Boys "girls out on the floor just move,, toledo"
12. Dharma Bums - Dharma Means Trance [Zoom] "you dont understand this is happening right now now" male
13. Kay - Merry Go Round (Tales From The Crib)
14. Groove Council feat Marquise - You Wont Be Happy (Till You Love Me)
15. [29:00] ? "let yourself go and dance to the rhythm" female 
16. [33:00] ??? breakbeat
17. Dream Frequency -  You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Dancing Divaz Remix)
18. Partizan - Keep Your Luv [Kartoonz] "keep your love away from me" female 


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