Ian Ossia @ Renaissance, Venue 44, Mansfield, late 92
1. Alabama 3 - I Shall Be Released (DiY Love Cabbage Mix) "check my rhythm" female
2. React 2 Rhythm - All Or Nothing (Danny's Fireball Mix) "now all or nothing, life says everything" female
3. Sono Lakota - Ice & Acid (Original Mix) "right here right now" stuttery female
4. Rapination feat Kym Mazelle - Love Me The Right Way (Happy Larry's Mix)
5. Happy Larry's Big Beat Orchestra - Get On In The Move (Rapino Brothers Dubby Mix) "check the bassline, go get on and ride thru"
6. Freak Sisters - The Freak Boutique / Weve Got To Live Together [Nucleus] "weve got to come together, freak it"
7. Outdance - Pump The Jumpin'
8. Disco Universe Orchestra - Sing It "respect what you love, what you feel, come on baby, sing it" female
9. Urban Ice - To Break The Ice (Club Mix) bells/piano inst
10. Rejuvination - Work (The Balcony Dub) (Work In Progress ep) [Soma] "work" male/percussive/piano
11. Joe Roberts - Love Is Energy (D.O.P Mix)
12. Solar Plexus - Submerged [Entity Records]
13. KXP & Ceybil Jeffries - Aint No Mountain High Enough
14. Spooky - Land of Oz [Guerilla] "you better ..." female scat or "you made a believer out of me"
15. The Infinite Wheel - Lake of Dreams [R&S]
16. Moby - Go (Delirium Mix)
17. Havana - High & Dry
18. Supereal - One Nation (Unity Mix) [Guerilla]
19. TC 1992 - Funky Guitar (FPI Mix)
20. Studio X - Los Kings Del Mambo
21. Sunscreem - Perfect Motion (Leftfield Vocal Mix) "drowning in your love"

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