Ian Ossia @ Shindig, Newcastle Vol.1 - 6th Aug 94
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ? briefly
2. Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up (Big Bump Mix) "im never ever gonna give you up thou i try"
3. Suzi Carr - All Over Me (Association Squeeze Mix)
4. 5th Circuit - Sexy Movemaker "sexy move maker, rump shaker, here we go"
5. Sheer Bronze - Walkin On (Fire Island Mix)
6. Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine
7. The Centurions - Burn (Hed Boys Post-Op Mix) [Seka] "youve got me burning up"
8. [38:50] ? "let it go" deep male/acidy
9. Praxis feat Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Hardcorey's Ultimate Pump Mix)
10. Sound Environment - Had Enough (Rebound Dub)
11. The Good Men - Make Up Your Mind [Fresh Fruit]
12. Balouga Boys - Hip Hop [Stress]
13. Royal T - Coming Back For More (JX Relentless Mix)
14. Diss-Cuss - Save The Day
15. Ideal - Hot [Cleveland City]
16. Rizzo - Feel It (TV Junkies Mix) [Tripoli Trax] "feel it" repeated whisper
17. Hed Boys - Girls + Boys (Mo Head Mix 2)
18. Deep Rhythm - Deep Rhythm (Deep Mix) [Night Department] "hu, rhythm" male
19. Masters Of The Monotonal Groove Vol. VI - Outta Sight [3 Beat] "burning up" female "bom bom" male
20. Tandoori - Tandoori's Theme (King Prawn Samber Mix) female scat/sitar
21. Everything But The Girl - Missing (Chris & James Full On Club Mix)


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