Ian Ossia @ Bangkok, Coventry, Aug 95
1. Cabana - Bailando Con Lobos (mix?)
2. Shytalks - Touch The House [Consolidated]
3. Kylie Minougue - Where Is The Feeling? (BIR Soundtrack) "i will make you happy, tell me everything will be alright"
4. Hardfloor - Mahogany Roots
5. Human League - John Cleese; Is He Funny? (Self Preservation Society Mix)
6. 24 Hr Experience - Jazz From The Heart [Nice N Ripe]
7. Anethum - Silence Is A Rhythm Too
8. Love To Infinity - Keep Love Together (Axis Kitchen Dub) "we gotta keep our love" repeated
9. Chris & James - Tune In [Stress] "turn on tune in drop out" male
10. Brother Grim - Survive [X-Gate]
11. Sound Design - Bounce To The Beat
12. Count Indigo - My Unknown Love (Evolution Vocal Mix) male/horns
13. Cabana - Bailando Con Lobos (Sashas Snake Remix)

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