Ian Ossia @ Angels, Burnley 95 (Get Lifted)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. The Reese Project - Direct Me (Sashas 5am Drop Mix)
2. Self Preservation Society - The Whoop (Dr Slinky McVelvet's Anadin Prescription) "aint no ....., get on the floor if you got that ..." piano / female scat
3. Yekuana - Cabis Loopus (Ian Ossia Remix) [Fabric Of Life] panflute (familiar)
4. Moseph Cat - My Children (Dub Children) [Cleveland City]
5. Kamasutra - Kama Sutra Express (Train Mix) [Work] (cowbell , slows down in middle)
6. Deluxe - Futura (Deluxe Mix) "now" has scream from s-express
7. Shiva - Work It Out (Morales Redzone Mix) [FFRR] "one one one" repeated male
8. Sjef & Sjaak - Gearbox [Cyber] trance inst
9. Dum Dum - One Earth Beat (Rhythm Of Life Mix)

1. Artemesta - Bits + Pieces (Tin Tin Out Remix) female / piano
2. Grace - Its Not Over (BTs Spirit of Grace Mix) [Perfecto]
3. Nush - Move That Body (Bottom Dollars Save The Robot Mix) [Blunted] "move that body, work that body" male
4. Perv - Losin My O [Air Dog] "im losing my o"acidy / vocals from fargetta - rhythm is movin
5. Tinman - Gudvibe (Mambolicious Mix) "pick up the good vibrations" male / piano / calipso
6. Grant Nelson - Dance M.F. [Nice N Ripe] "keep on movin, dance" "i like a bass that goes boom"
7. S.A.I.N. - Its Alright (Part Two) (Goodfellow's Remix) [Effective] sounds like Kamasutra again "its alright"
8. Cutback feat Federal - Rock To The Rhythm (Rave-A-Pella Mix) ragga male
9. [44:00] ? inst (briefly)

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comment: also seen this set released as a double pack - Positive Presents Sasha & Ian Ossia - N.H.S.

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