Harri & Orde Meikle (Slam) @ Rhumba, 6th Nov 92
Citrus Club @ Edinburgh (2 x Tape)
* Harri & Orde Meikle*
1. Kathy Sledge - Heart (Revival Mix) "hey,, you should put some love in"
2. Praise - Easy Way Out (Ministry Of Sound Mix) [WEA] "alright alright, can you feel it"
3. Aly-Us - Follow Me (Can You Feel The Dub) [Strictly Rhythm]
4. Nightmares On Wax - Happiness [Warp]
5. Bizarre Inc - Im Gonna Get You (Tee's Urban Dance Mix)
6. Tyrrell Corporation - One Day (Roger Sanchez One Dub Mix) "you know youve got to, youve got to be free" repeated female 
7. Groove Patrol - Lost In The Groove (Deal Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] moaning female "i said shut up"
8. L.C.G.C. - Ball Of Confusion (The Playboys Dub) "confusion" female
9. Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm (Afro Dub) 
10. DJ Pareti feat Liala - Perversione [Smile Productions] bassline
11. Candido - Jingo
12. Double FM - The Sound Of Amnesia (Remix)

12. Double FM - The Sound Of Amnesia (Remix) (cont)
13. Lifeforce - Feel Your Body (Disco Fever Version) [Centrestage] "i can feel your body" male
14. Loony Toony - The Right Size (Large Mix) [Absolut Joy] organ
15. Teque Nick - Bye Bye Stembi [Mango Records] "we gonna start this happy vibes"
16. Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
17. Man Machine - Animal [Outer Rhythm] chanting male "this is the bass your mind will appreciate"
18. 280 West - Scattered Dreams "boom cha" 
19. Lee Rogers - Love Is The Most (Deep Zone Mix) piano 
20. Celine Dion - Love Can Move Mountains (Wake & Jones Dub) "you got to feel it baby"
21. Bobby Konders - Bad Boy Dance "lets dance, get down tonight, i wanna dance get down, do it to me and ill do it to you" female 
22. Rejuvination - Work (The Balcony Dub) (Work In Progress ep) [Soma]
23. Suzanne Vega - Blood Makes Noise (House Version)
24. Franke - Understand This Groove [China] 
25. The Source - Rock The House (Hit The Dx Mix) (Fast Lane Dub)
26. New Grooves Vol. II - 2 A.M. [Nu Groove] acidy inst
27. Dee Patten - Whos The Badman

Tape 2
* Harri & Orde Meikle *

1. Dee Patten - Whos The Badman (cont)
2. Secret life - Always (Junior Style Mix)
3. Chrome Seduction - A Love Divine (Release Yourself) (Aural) "over the edge, all over the world"
4. Cosmic Enterprises - Tao Nonstop "dont stop" male echo
5. The Wildchild Experience - Do What You Like (WildTrax Vol.1) "im not staying home"
6. Leftfield - Song Of Life (has scratching)
7. Last Rhythm - Open Your Mind (Club Remix) [Out]
8. Heaven 17 - Temptation (Brother In Rhythm Remix)
9. Gary Clail - Who Pays The Piper [Perfecto]
10. TC Crew - Once Bitten (Once Instrumental) [DJ International] "na na na" female / piano
11. Hustlers Convention - The Chant [Stress] "1 1000, 2 2000, 3 3000, 4 4000"
12. Pet Shop Boys - Where The Streets Have No Name (Remix)
13. Krystal Club - One More Time "come on check it out, lets tell them one more time" male
14. Jody Watley - Im The One You Need (Morales Mix) "im the one, im the only one"
14. Jody Watley - Im The One You Need (Morales Mix) "im the one, im the only one" (cont)
15. Deep Voyage - I Feel Love (Rug Burn Mix) male/piano
16. Snap! - Mary Had A Little Boy (Warp Mix) inst / hammond organ
17. Freaky Realistic - Something New (Cosmic Love Vibes) (Ocean Club Dub) "as another round goes for love, freak it" female/piano
18. Outrage - That Piano Track [Junior Boys Own] 
19. Leftfield - Song Of Life (scratching)
20. The Chameleon Project - Feel (Spooky Remix Part 1) [Guerilla] "feel"
21. Flipped Out - So Much Joy (Bass Tab Mix)
22. Da Silo - Bassfunk (Effective Mix) "get down to the funky beat" camera click
23. Studio X - Los Kings Del Mambo "and im so in love, love, love,, lovely people"
24. Rio Rhythm Band - Carnival Da Casa (Zoom Out Of The Closet Club Mix)
25. Jaco - Show Some Love (Original Dub)

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