Nick Grayson - Classic House Mixshow (88-92 Tracks) (61min)
1. Reese - Grab The Beat [KMS] acidy
2. Alanda Drake - Night By Night (Hurleys House Mix) [Columbia] "what you do to me" female
3. Major Problems - City Under Siege [Nu Groove]
4. Victor Romeo - Acid Rain [Dance Mania] acidy
5. Fascination - Dont You Think Its Time [Vinylmania]
6. Grey House - New Beats The House [House Nation] "gimme a fat beat, like this anniolating, somebody scream"
7. Disorder - Groove Attack [Rhythmatic Rage] acidy
8. Laurent X - Its Magic [House Nation] male rap
9. Lost Entity - Bring That Beat Back [Nu Groove] PE sample
10. MK - Delay [RetroActive]
11. Chicago Bad Boy - House Music All Night Long [Warehouse]
12. Reese & Santonio - Back To The Beat (With The Sound) "were only bugging"
13. The Sound Vandals - Extasy (What Is It) [Nu Groove]
14. Bad Boy Orchestra - Hip Hop Salsa [Smokin]

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