Nick Brown - Love Of Life 94 (Club UK House Mix)
Club UK Resident
Todd Terry - Jumpin
G.O.D. Limited - B1 [G.O.D.] "come on baby lets stick together" (samples bounce to the beat)
Raw Tunes Vol 3 - Main Vibe (Big Apple Remix) "you got me, do it to me baby"
Happy Clappers - I Believe [Shindig]
Elevator - Funk & Drive [Wired]
BBR Streetgang - Feel The Music (Hot Shot Mix) "dont want to be free" female
Gradiva - To The Funky Beat [UMM]
Nostalgia Freaks - Beat Beat [Effective] "beat rhythm, beat groove rhythm"
Pamela Fernandez - Kickin In The Beat (Dancing Divaz Mix)
Joey Musaphia - Macusa (Cover Ups Vol 1) samples Umbe
Fire Island - If You Should Need A Friend
Greed - Pump Up The Volume (Clubaround Sound Mix)

Hardrive - Deep Inside [Strictly Rhythm]
Triple Pack - Join Hands "each & every nation"
X-Presidents - God Bless America [Urban Hero]
Mother - All Funked Up [Boasting]
Kid Unknown - Gimme Some [Eastern Bloc] "rock the discotheque"
Bucketheads - The Bomb
D-Rail feat Randy B - Bring It On Down
Roy Davis - Heart Attack (The Wild Life ep)
Triple Pack - Get Down (Scat Trax Part One)

original tape cover

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