Billy Nasty 4 (Dec 1992)
Nasty Rhythm Series
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. USURA - Open Your Mind
2. Outdance - Pump The Jumpin' (Psichedelic Mix) "im your pot of gold" male/acidy
3. Dr Baker - Kaos (Dance 2 Trance Remix) [Coma]
4. Prefab Sprout - If You Dont Love Me (FSOL Deep Field Mix)
5. Tomba Vira - La Manda "Rena" [First Impression] "dip dip" male/weird foreign music at break
6. The Fair Sex - Eat Me (Spooky's Dark Dub) [Roughmix]
7. [24:00] probs A.T.S. feat Mr. Jay - Baa. Daa. Laa (mix?) [UMM] whailing male/whistle
8. CLS - Can You Feel it (Africanism) [UMM]
9. Trilogy - Good Time (Robi Robs House Anthem Mix) "trilogy got you movin your body"
10. International Foot Language - Life On Loop (Latino) [UCR] spanish guitar
11. T.F.O. feat. DJ Farfa - Just Keep In Your Love (Farfikaya Mix) [DJ Movement]
12. Sunscreem - Broken English (Slam Vocal Mix) dub base

1. Capricorn - Taste (Deep Bliss Mix) "taste me" female whisper
2. 108 Grand - Te Quiero (Darren Emerson Strutt Remix) (sounds like bang the party - bang bang your mine)
3. So-Low - The Hourglass [X-Gate]
4. Crunch - 50 Cents (Half Dollar Mix)
5. B.M.EX - Feel The Drop (Renaissance Mix)
6. Sublime - Sublime [Limbo]
7. DOP - Oh Yeah (The Chameleon Mix) [Guerilla]
8. Miss Jones - The Traxx (Martini Traxx Mix) "change the track"
9. Any Questions - Living On A Fantasy (Resurrection Mix) [Roughmix] "always sincere" foreign female
10. Datura - Yerba Del Diablo (The Zoom U.K. Remix)
11. Diss-Cuss - Pissed Apache (Remix) (Possible) [Flying]

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