Billy Nasty - Groove [1995]
1. Eternal Summer - Stick Together [Metropolitan Music]
2. Razors Edge - The Zoo (Dancefloor NRG Mix) [Metropolitan Music]
3. Epik - The Blob (Tony De Vit mix) [Aura Surround Sounds] "when i rock the spot"
4. The Shamen - Destination Eschaton (Hardfloor Instrumental - Destination Komotion)
5. Paradox - Funky Cheeba (Sativa Mix) [Sperm] "come on people get up and ride" funky guitar/piano
6. Chris and James - Tune In (Zammo's Coyote Remix) [Stress]

1. Kimball & Dekkard - Lushlife [Positivibes]
2. Mothers Pride - Floribunda (Full Blossom Mix)
3. Chris and James - Tune In (Zammo's Coyote Remix) [Stress]
4. DJ Ed Speed - Deep Deep Shaft (Battersea Power Mix) "dont try to hold me, and controls me baby" female/organ/shaft guitar
5. Sebago - I Found Music [Blackburn] "musics gonna move me" female/piano

comment: since been told this set is not Billy Nasty

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