Monroes @ Blackburn, late 91
1. Yothu Yindi - Treaty (K-Klass Club Mix)
2. Marathon - Movin (Trans Luna Injection Burn Mix)
3. My Thos - Wait No More "I aint gonna wait no more, I cant do it alone, give it up" male / piano
4. 50 htz - Get Up "move your body take it up" has male rap
5. Vera Cruz - I Know You Can "give it to me, I know that you can" female / piano
6. M&M feat Rachel Wallace - I Feel This Way (Original Mix)
7. MDS - Living In The Night [Palmares] "living living, feeling feeling moving" female / piano
8. Katherine E - Then I Feel Good
9. Sound Assassins - Let Me Hear You (Hardcore Mix) "oh yeah" male / piano
10. Down Town - You Dont Know Her "dan dan dan" male / piano
11. 49ers feat. Anne Marie Smith - Move Your Feet
12. Secchi - Keep On Jammin (Loading Mix)
13. Colours - Baby Baby (Dub Mix) "work that sucker to death" male
14. Candy Flip presents C-Bounce - Keep The Faith "come on & get some more"
15. Sound Machine - Get Up "chill out man" male / whailing female
16. E-Lustrious - Dance No More (Andy Stevenson Remix) "make that change" female

16. E-Lustrious - Dance No More (Andy Stevenson Remix) "make that change" female (cont)
17. Sonic Solution - On The Move [R&S] "get on & move" female / piano
18. Rapino Bros - Reach To The Top "you cant stop till you reach the top"
19. 2 For Joy - Let The Bass Kick "hey whats happpening brother" male / jazzy
20. Blow - The Cutter
21. Bit Machine - Its Time
22. RFTR - Extrasyn "its global warning, im digging on you, your digging on me" female
23. Buster Gut - Find Someone "somebody, who wants my body"
24. RAF - Weve Got To Live Together
25. Three Boys Free - Get Into My Life (Lost In Sax Mix) "underground is where we wanna go movin" male
26. Soundsource - Take Me Up
27. Antico - What I Gotta Do (Frank Zapella stylee riff)
28. Techno Age - Movin On
29. Jennifer Lucas - Take On Higher "moving up & down & to the ground, lets go higher" (female/piano)
30. Angel - You And Me (Extended) [Pearly Gates Records] "you and me together in fantasy" female / piano
31. Mimmo Mix feat Valerie Etienne - All Your Love (Club Mix) "give me all your love"

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