Allister Whitehead & Tony De Vit @ Miss Moneypennys, late 95
Allister Whitehead (Tease Club Classics) Jan 96
1. KMC feat Dhany - Somebody To Touch Me "somebody to touch me and hold me" female
2. Black Box - I Got The Vibration (Lelewel Freak Mix) "Positive Vibration"
3. Jeanie Tracy - Do The Right Thing (Greeds Euphorik Club Mix)
4. Love Tribe - Stand Up (Narcotic Mix)
5. Ruffnexx Sound System - Eeny Meeny (Sweet Temptation) (Let It Move Mix)
6. Alcatraz - Give Me Luv
7. Tak Tix - Feel Like Singing (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix)
8. Angelheart - Come Back To Me (Lisa Marie Experience)
9. C&C Music Factory - Ill Always Be Around "ill be around, pump it up" technotronic samples

9. C&C Music Factory - Ill Always Be Around "ill be around, pump it up" technotronic samples (cont)
10. The Salsoul Crew - Salsoul Mega Mix / Firebird "alright alright, oh yeah, oh baby hold me now" tribal / string stabs / vocals from first choice
11. Mariah Carey - Fantasy (Def Club Mix)
12. Happy Clappers - I Believe (Notloveland Full On Vocal Mix)
13. Suzi Carr - All Over Me (Association Squeeze Mix)
14. Size 9 - Im Ready
15. Hardrive - Deep Inside (Deep Inside Remix)
16. Shinehouse - Heaven (Full On Vocal Mix) "talkin about heaven" male/piano

Tony De Vit (late 95)
1. B Code - Feel Good "gotta get up, got to feel good"
2. B B Club - Play This House
3. Tonka - Got 2 Get Up [Hard Hitting] "gotta get up, gotta get down girl" female
4. Disco Dubbers - Out Of My Mind [Smokin Rhythms] "rock the house live, have a good time"
5. Tom Wilson - Techno Cat
6. Ian Pooley - Roller Skate Disco "toot toot, pick it up"
7. Escrima - Deeper (Chaka Boom Bang Dub Blast)
8. Itty-Bitty-Boozy-Woozy - Tempo Fiesta "party time"
9. Mr Jack - Only House Muzik
10. Greenfield - No Silence

11. Xpansions - Elevation (Move Your Body) (Tony De Vit Remix)
12. Movin Melodies - Indica
13. Eating Habits - May I Have The Mayonnaise [Movin Melodies] piano
14. Perplexer - Allright (DJ Delicious Mix) "a a a alright" female
15. Quartz - Love Eviction (TDV Remix)
16. DOP - Manifest Your Love [Hi Life] "underground" male
17. East Anglia - Unmanageable (Hard Work Mix)
18. Chakka Boom Bang - Tossing And Turning (Tony De Vit Remix)

 original tape cover

comment: the Ali Whitehead tape is also released as a Tease Club Classics Tape

 original tape cover

the Tony De Vit tape is also released as a Love Of Life Tape (60min only)

original tape cover

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