Zone - DJ Matt Bell 01-04-93
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Synthesis - House Time "house time is any time" male (big tune)
2. Synthesis - Rock the House (Extended Mix) "do it yall" female
3. Synthesis - Lets Get Together "come on baby lets stick together" (has male rap)
4. Anticapella - Everyday "keep on trying, everyday" female/piano
5. RAF - We Got To Live Together
6. ??? "on my god" female
7. Back To The Future - Kick It "I know im addicted to you, tell me the truth"
8. Derry Hall - Just For The Weekend "baby ill find a friend to spend the weekend"
9. ??? "come on now, give it all you got now" female/piano
10. XL Rhythm - Brothers and Sisters "just let the music motivate your mind"
11. UDG - On Your Todd "get into the music, let the rhythm move your soul" female/piano
12. Sy Kick - Nasty (Remix) "I got to set my mind free" female / piano
13. Seventh Sense - Get The Music
14. Rhythm Quest - Closer To All Your Dreams
15. S Moore feat MC Rokk - Touch Me
16. ??? samples 2 unlimited piano
17. D Mob feat Cathy Dennis - Thats The Way Of The World (accapella)
18. ASHA - JJ Tribute
19. With It Guys feat Shirley Lewis - Feel Alright "get crazy, dont get carried away"
1. ??? atmospheric intro / male chanting
2. Ce Ce Rogers - Never Give Up (accapella)
3. Funky Green Dogs - Reach For Me
4. Herbal Infusion - The Hunter (Leftfield alias) [Zoom Records] "hella"
5. Mister Mixi & Skinny Scotty - I Can Handle It (accapella)
6. ??? "just move" male rap
7. React 2 Rhythm - Intoxication
8. Lonnie Gordon - Gonna Catch You (Accapella / Sax Mix) "im gonna get you baby" female
9. ??? "youve got the..." male / bongos / horns
10. 49ers - Move Your Feet (Fargetta Extended) "holding on right now, baby"
11. Digital Boy - OK Alright (DJ Herbie Remix) "okay, alright" piano
12. KC Spirit - Everybody Move "everybody shake your body, call me" female / has Doug Lazy male rap
13. J4L & P - Keep Me Satisfied "all I wanna do it rock with you" female / piano
14. ??? "I like it" whailing female / piano (samples dj h)
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