Lisa Loud @ Decadance, Bakers Birmingham, late 92
1. Aly-Us - Time Passes On (Live PA)
2. Aly-Us - Follow Me (Live PA)
3. Charm - I Love Music (Summer Dub) "dee daa daa" female scat
4. The Daou - Surrender Yourself (Remix) "surround you with my arms"
5. Trilogy - Good Time "move your body"
6. Todd Terry - Unreleased Project Part.2 "u gotta move on"
7. House Of Gypsies - Samba Lumba (african male)
8. 1 Vision - My Underground "i got the underground" female
9. The Wildchild Experience - Do What You Like (WildTrax Vol.1) "im not staying home"
10. Chez Damier - Can You Feel It (MK New York Dub) "on keep pressin on"
11. S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. - Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 1)
12. Lil' Louis - Music Saved My Life (MAW Three Amigos Dub) "fair enough"
13. DV8 - C'mon (Hard As Hell Mix) "oh ow" male
14. Madonna - Erotica (Remix)
15. 49ers feat. Ann Marie Smith- The Message (The Choise Mix) "yeah" minimal / saxaphone / organ
16. Kathy Sledge - Heart (Hardubb Mix)
17. Club 69 - Let Me Be Your Underwear (Hot Pants Underground Club)
18. Happyhead - Digital Love Thing (Underground M.K. Mix) "here comes the bass"
19. The B-52's - Tell It Like It T-I-Is (MK Dub) "tell it like it is, see a situation" female
20. The Cover Girls - Wishing On A Star (Magic Sessions Dub)
21. B-Classic - Remember (E-Smoove Underground)
22. MAW feat India - I Cant Get No Sleep

comment: also seen this set labelled - CJ Mackintosh @ Birmingham, March 1992

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