Legends @ Warrington, 30th May 1992 (Tape 2) - Mike Woods & Noggy
1. Frankie Knuckes - Workout
2. Nomad - Your Love Is Lifting Me (Original Club Version)
3. Joey Negro - Love Fantasy
4. Jam & Spoon - Stella
5. Goodfellas - Somebody (Radio Mix) [Nervous] "i need somebody" female
6. Lee Marrow - Lot To Learn (Latin Remix)
7. Earth People - Dance
8. Candyflip presents C-Bounce - Keep The Faith (Friday Mix) "come on and get you some more, got to have ya" female
9. The High Givers - Love & Money (Love Dub Mix) "lovin lovin" female/sax
10. Sunscreem - Pressure
11. The Formula - Exploded [Vinyl Solution]
12. Ralphi Rosario - An Instrumental Need
13. L.C.G.C. - I'll Take You There (Monkey Club Mix) female/piano "i know a place, ill take you there"
14. F.I.T.Z - Feel The Music "I wonna feel the music" female / organ riff / piano
15. Fargetta - The Music Is Movin' (Bam Bam Tribal Mix)
16. The Reese Project - Station Of The Groove (Jay Denham Mix) "break it down get you into the groove" warehouse piano
17. Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel Mix)

17. Inner City - Pennies From Heaven (Kevin's Tunnel Mix) (cont)
18. Pamela Fernandez - Kickin In The Beat (AIM Dub)
19. Up To Date - The Groove Latino [Blue Village] "dreams of santa anna"
20. Restless Rockers - Restless "I get so restless"
21. MK - Get It Right
22. Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt "bassline kickin yes im groovin"
23. Cynthia M - Love Storm [Strictly Rhythm]
24. The Criminal Mindz - Dance Of The Parasites (Last Word From The Landlord Mix) "i wanna rock right now" scratching
25. Mike Woods - Flashback [White Label] if you came to party samples N-Joi & yo-bots
26. My Friend Sam feat Viola Wills - Its My Pleasure
27. Cool Jack - Just Come
28. Flipped Out - Love Bomb (Love Will Take Us Higher)
29. Global Method - Deep Into The Vibe (Ray Keith Passin' Thru)


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