Legends @ Warrington, 27th June 1992 - Mike Woods & Noggy
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
Tape 1

1. Loose Ends - Hangin On A String
2. [03:20] ? familiar inst
3. Naughty By Nature - O.P.P.
4. Garland Jeffreys - Hail Hail Rock 'N' Roll (Boilerhouse Club Mix)
5. Liberty - Odixea Soul "you know how to love me" female
6. Todd Terry (Sound Design) - Hard As Hell [TNT] "rock the bells" samples LL Cool J
7. Depth Charge - Bounty Killers
8. The Moody Boys - Centre Of The World (Nubian Club Mix) "afrika"
9. Aeroplanitaliani - Zitti Zitti sax/funky
10. Mi Jette & Money Mark - U Want Me Back (Nu Club Mix)
11. Sound Systemme - Play All Night [Go Beat] "i know you well" female/male rap
12. Scritti Politti & Shabba Ranks - Shes A Woman (Apollo 440 Remix) "fire"
13. Jestofunk - Im Gonna Love You
14. Leftfield feat Earl Sixteen - Release The Pressure
15. Ice T - New Jack Hustler (Stress Mix)
16. Sanza - Electric Fling [Ra-re] "hold/stop/drop the beat" male v briefly

16. Sanza - Electric Fling [Ra-re] "hold/stop/drop the beat" male
17. Diana Brown & Barrie Sharpe - Eating Me Alive "look at my face cant you see im smiling" female
18. Vanessa J - Nasty Rhythm [Onizom Music] "pumpin it up, about to get loose, its a nasty rhythm" female rap/sax
19. Black Machine - Funky Funky People (Club Remix) "funky, now come on" male rap/sax
20. Thompson Twins - Groove On "groovin"
21. Lisa M - People (Nellee's Rave Mix) "come on people"
22. Soul Family Sensation - Other Stuff (Piccadilly Line Mix) vocoder/piano
23. If? - Saturday's Angels (Most Excellent Vocal Remix) "all i wanna do is live like kings do"
24. [25:20] ? shazam says timballero - gimme love
25. Norty Boy feat J-Swift - Its Time To Jam (Witness The Change Mix)

Tape 3
1. Tribal Underground - Hoomba Hoomba [Hard Tribe] african chanting "rock it"
2. Fourplay - Make Em Rock (Our Way) (Frankie's Bone-A-Pella) "I said shut up"
3. Finitribe - Forevergreen (Forever Most Excellent Mix)
4. U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing (Perfecto Mix)
5. D:Ream - U R The Best Thing (Mix?)
6. L.C.G.C. - I'll Take You There (Monkey Club Mix) female/piano "i know a place, ill take you there"
7. F.I.T.Z - Feel The Music "I wonna feel the music" female / organ riff / piano
8. Injection - I Dont Need It [Red Heat] "the morning" female - samples Diana Ross - Love Hangover
9. Mars Plastic - What You Wanna Be "you can be what you wanna be"
10. Blue Pearl - Mother Dawn
11. Absolute - Introduce Me To Love (Tommy Musto) "love love love, turned into love"
12. Baby June - Hey! What's Your Name (Brassneck Mix)
13. People Get Ready - Natural High (K-Klass Mix) [Produce] "im on a natural high"
14. Keith Nunnally - Seasons Of Love
15. Degrees Of Motion - Shine On
16. Cynthia M - Love Storm

16. Cynthia M - Love Storm (cont)
17. Peacetime - The Truth Will Set You Free
18. The Reese Project - Colour Of Love (Reese Deep Mix)
19. Bump - Im Rushin (Jetslags Rushing Roulette Mix)
20. Pamela Fernandez - Kickin In The Beat (AIM Dub)
21. Liz Torres - I Dont Want You To Stop
22. D'Bora - E.S.P. (Hitman's House Mix)
23. On The House with Marshall Jefferson - Ride The Rhythm [Trax]
24. Felix - Dont You Want Me (Original Mix)
25. MK - Burning
26. Diana Brown & Barrie Sharpe - Eating Me Alive "look at my face cant you see im smiling" female
27. Neuronium - From Madrid To Heaven [1988] ambient strings 


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