Legends @ Warrington 15-5-93 - Mike Woods & Noggy (Tape 2)
1. Gradiva - To The Funky Beat [UMM] "woow, get down to the funk beat" camera click
2. Eddie Flashin Fowkles - Turn Me Out "you cant turn me out, cos my heart wasnt made for breaking"
3. Arizona feat Zeitia - Slide On The Rhythm (Funky Mix) [UCR]
4. PG1 - Keep Hot [Limbo] "make it hot"
5. BBR Streetgang - Loyal To You Too [Hubba Hubba] "wow" s-express scream/funky guitar "here comes the drums"
6. Baby June - I Will Be Free (Iron Man Chick Attack Mix) inst with fast piano
7. Chubby Chunks - Testament 3 [Cleveland City] "i dont know" piano loop
8. Lemon Interupt - Minniapolis Airwaves (muffled intro)
9. Lisa B - Glam
10. Outrage - Drives Me Crazy [JBO]
11. Popcorn - Soul Cargo (Fade Away Suite) jazzy piano

12. Those Guys - Good Vibrations (Havin' Fun) (Deep Dub Mix) "hu i feel it" female/male scat
13. Bass Hitt - The Beat That Makes U Move (The Rhythm Hype Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "the beat that makes you move" female/disco loop
14. Groove Legion - Give It To Me "give it to me right now" disco loop
15. Stereo MCs - Creation (mix?)
16. Sub Sub - Aint No Love (Aint No Use) (Rubber Band Remix) [DMC 4/93]
17. Gypsymen - Daylite (Club Mix) "im keepin on" female/disco loop "la da dee"
18. 3D - Anytime (BBR Streetgang Remix)
19. Arizona feat Zeitia - Slide On The Rhythm (Funky Mix) [UCR]


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