Legends @ Warrington, 10-4-93 (Tape 2) Mike Woods & Noggy
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Umoja - Unity (Joey Negro Body Mix) "all we want is your body" female/house
2. Arrested Development - Mr Wendal (Perfecto Mix)
3. Donell Rush - Symphony (Symphony In E Smooth) "inside me plays for melody"
4. Dium Inc. - So Precious (Strung Out On Strings) piano inst
5. Juliette Jaimes - Its A Love Thing (Headless Pigeon Mix) [Pulse-8] "i i i" female/piano
6. Groove Sector - Come On Get My Rhythm (Infectious Mix)
7. Jael Ouida - A-Ye (samples TC1992)
8. Cut The Q - Who Needs A Love Like That (Groove Mix) 1989
9. Hooked On Junk E.P - Bass (The Night Away) [Spot On] "bass and rhythm" doug lazy vocal sample
10. [29:20] ? tribal/whistle/bleepy
11. Chris & James/Memphis - Play That Rock 'N' Roll Rhythm "everybody is a star" guitar
12. Neverland - Mato Grosso (Heart Version) [Dance And Waves]
13. Pharaoh - Over Me (Club Mix) [Italian Style Production] yazoo "your fantasy comes over me, so sweet" female
14. Global - A Better Love "youve got to give me a little, can you give me better love, total emotion" female (samples B-Sides)
15. Lionrock - Packet Of Peace

15. Lionrock - Packet Of Peace (cont)
16. Flipped Out - So Much Joy (Bass Tab Mix)
17. Lionrock - Lionrock (Most Excellent Mix)
18. Studio X - Los Kings Del Mambo "and im throwing love love love"
19. Dawn - Infinite Dub "we might have togetherness and rhythm" heavy bassline
20. [19:50] Johnny Dangerous - Problem No. 13 (Joe T Vannelli Remix) "hold me me me"
21. [22:50] ? "wait a minute" female/funky guitar (also on 14-8-93)
22. Apotheosis - Put Me In A Trance [Discomagic]
23. Crunch - Devo
24. Lemon Interupt - Minneapolis Airwaves (muffled intro)
25. [34:20] ? acidy "house music, jack is the one who gives you to power to jack your body" chuck roberts vocal
26. Vicious Delicious - Hocus Pocus (Magical Trance Mix)
27. Trance Orchestra - House Pumpin (Martini Pump Mix) [Next] "black is black" male/organ


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