Noggy - Legends 'Tape One Mix' pt2 Feb 2006
e-mail me if you can identify any of the track
1. Electra - Destiny
2. Pleasure - Please (Oakenfold Mix) "i just dont trust myself"
3. Moodswings - Spiritual High (Moodfood Megamix)
4. Simone Angel - When Love Rules The World (Let Love Rule) [Atomic]
5. Addams & Gee - Chung Kuo "what is rhythm"
6. Dr Robert - Ive Learnt To Live With Dub [Regal Zonophone] "in my life" horns/female
7. Cry Cisco - Afro Dizzi Act
8. [26:40] ? "take me just as i am" female/horns
9. Depth Charge - Bounty Killers
10. Ariel - Sea Of Beats organ/african male
11. Masters At Work - Jump On It (hip hop beat, samples Fantasy Three)
12. Chaah - Give Yourself To Me [Inside] "kick that"
13. Madjacks - Feel The Hit (Spice Remix) piano
14. Ben Chapman - Erotic Animals (The Flesh Mix) sax from flake advert
15. The Moody Boys - Centre Of The World (Nubian Club Mix) "afrika"
16. D-Shake - Soul Trackin (From Within)
17. Queen Latifah & De La Soul - Mamma Gave Birth To The Soul Children (The Primary Mix) + Public Enemy - Bring The Noise (pella)
18. JWB feat Mc Zaph - Yo, Keep On Keep On [Out] "this rhyme aint done" male/female scat
19. Pavesi Sound - I'll Never Lose [Inside]
20. Lisa M - People (Nellee's Rave Mix) "come on people"
21. The Christians - The Bottle 


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