Legends @ Warrington, 27-3-93 (Tape 2) Mike Woods & Noggy
1. Donell Rush - Symphony (Symphony In E Smooth)
2. Taana Gardner - What Can I Do For You
3. Mad Mike - Give It To Me [Happy]
4. Too Nice - I Git Minze [Arista] "I get mine, house it up"
5. Otaku - Percussion Obsession [Limbo]
6. Evolution - Love Thing (Compulsion Mix) "oh love, burning with desire for your love" female
7. Boomshanka - Do You Have The Power (This Side Mix) [Cowboy] stuttery female/piano
8. Moby - I Feel It (Synthe Mix)
9. Unasyn - Take The Time (Non-Stop Thumpin Mix) [Strictly Hype] "say what, got to take the time"
10. E Trax - Lets Rock (Malcolm's Suc-diss Mix?) [Trade] vocal sample from Cappella
11. Global Love - A Better Love "you've got to give me a little" female (samples B-Sides The Tape)
12. Pharaoh - Over Me (Club Mix) [Italian Style Production] yazoo "your fantasy comes over me, so sweet" female
13. Apotheosis - Put Me In A Trance [Discomagic]

14. Hardfloor - Acperience (2 copies)
15. Flipped Out - So Much Joy (Bass Tab Mix)
16. Tom Tom - 480 [Beeswax] hammond
17. Dawn - Infinite Dub "we might have togetherness and rhythm" heavy bassline
18. Carpe Diem - Bamboo [Plastic Surgery]
19. Alex Party - Read My Lips
20. Father Funking - Soul Groove [Out] "rock free, come on people" male/funky guitar
21. Pet Shop Boys - So Hard (Red Zone Mix)
22. Barbarella - My Name Is Barbarella (Caspar Pound & Peter Smith Remix) minimal inst
23. Studio X - Los Kings Del Mambo "and im throwing love love love"
24. Juice - Do It Right

comment: originally received this set dated 27-3-92


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