Stu Allan - Key103 Manchester 6-2-94
Hardcore House Hour
The Mix
DJ Seduction - Everybody [Impact]
The Dok - Your Love ['89 Revival]
SMD #3 - Untitled (A Side) [White]
Naughty Naughty Volume Five - Just A Test [Naughty Naughty]
Nookie - Give A Little Love [Reinforced]
DJ Force & Evolution - A Side [Kniteforce]
Difficult Child - ? [Magnetic North]
Sons Of Aliens - Hats Of Avalance [Terror Traxx]
Hardliners - Pikke Poeli Mellow [Rotterdam]
Spastic Egg - Frequency [Terror Traxx]
Dance Overdose - Overdose Stomp [Shoop]
Dave Parkinson - Urban Sub [Semtex Recordings]
DJ Scott - Do You Wanna Party [Steppin Out]
Too Fast For Mellow - Wooh! [Terror Traxx]

comment: im missing the tracks in yellow

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