Stu Allan - Key103 Manchester 5-9-93
Hardcore House Hour
The Mix (Recorded live at Warehouse @ Doncaster 28-8-93 pt2)
Force Mss Motion - Panic [Rabbit City]
Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing [Sep Music]
Illuminatae - Tempestada [XVX]
Sourmash - Pilgramage To Paradise [Prolekult]
N-Joi - The Void [Deconstruction]
Force Mass Motion - Collision Course [Rabbit City]
Rachel Wallace - Tell Me Why (Remix) [Suburban Base]
SMD #1 - Untitled (A Side) [White]
Top Buzz - Livin In Darkness [Basement]
DJ Vibes & Wishdokta - Peakin Thru The Window [Asylum]
Edge *1 - Remix [Bootleg]
SMD #1 - Untitled (AA Side) [White]
The Korgis - Everybodys Got To Learn Sometime (NRG Mix) [Euro] "I need your lovin"

comment: im missing the tracks in yellow

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