Stu Allan - Key103 Manchester, 29-3-92 (61min)
House Hour
1. Marascia - My Love [ACV]
2. Glide - Release [Absolute 2] "release get fresh"
3. Interface - It's Tekno (Return To Toytown ep) [Rising High] "lets go"
Club Listings
4. Nebula II - C.O.D. Rider [J4M]
The Mix
5. M.S.Six - Sixth Sensation (In The Jungle ep) [Absolute 2] samples sweet sensation
6. Nookie - Give A Little Love [Absolute 2] "im for real" piano
7. DJ Blatant - Jinxed [Spare Beat] big tune piano
8. Strategy - Operation Hardcore [Strategy] hoover
9. Mystical Units - Positively Evil (Remix) [Ruff Quality Recordings] old spice "its all for you"
10. Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You (Altern 8 Hardcore Hell Mix) "freak yourself" bleepy/vocoder
11. Rhythm For Reasons - The Grand National (Remix) "bad boy come again"
12. U.S.I. - Don Gorgon [Reinforced] "follow me" ragga male
13. Project One - Smokin Chalice (Roughneck ep) [Rising High] "we used to lick chalice"
14. Is That It? - Ulterior Beats [D-Zone] "hu push it"
15. Sub-Love - And Then More (Remix) [Earth Recordings] "and then more" BDK "heaven yeah" female
16. Unknown Artist - Untitled A1 [NBS 1955086] "im ready to go" "feel the music"
17. Rhythm Eternity - Pink Champagne (M.P.H. Mix) vocal sample from beats international
18. Land Of Mars - This Is The Power (E-Mix) "come with me tonights the night" female "power"
19. Is That It? - Let's Go (Ulterior Motives ep) [D-Zone] piano
end of show

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