Stu Allan - Key103 Manchester 27-2-94 (13min)
Hardcore House Hour
The Mix
Hyper-On-Experience - Disturbance (Tango Remix) [Moving Shadow]
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ruffer [Slammin Vinyl]
DJ Gwange - Adrenalin [Legend]
MA1 - The Switch (Moving In Motion ep) [Formation]
Hedgehog Affair Part 5 - The Pipe [Sound Entity]
D-Tox - Sex [Shoop]
Machines - In The Machine (GTO Remix) [MMR Productions]
DJ Mike D & Dr Kif - Ive Got The Speed [Zombie]
Reyes - Rock With Me (Squeez To Dead ep) [K.N.O.R.]
Body Lotion - Catastrophy [Terror Traxx]
Dyewitness - Only If I Had One More [Mid-Town]
Technosis - Infiltrator [Shoop]
Short Circuit - D.E.A. [Rotterdam]

comment: im missing the tracks in yellow

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