Stu Allan - Key103 Manchester 20-3-94
Hardcore House Hour
The Mix (Recorded live at Warehouse @ Doncaster 19-3-94)
Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny [Downtown]
Body Lotion - Catastrophy [Terror Traxx]
Dyewitness - Only If I Had One More [Mid-Town]
Hardliners - Motherf**kin Breakbeat [Rotterdam]
Bass X - Hardcore Disco [Shoop]
Force Mass Motion - Panic [Rabbit City]
SMD #3 - Untitled (A Side) [White]
SMD #2 - Untitled (A Side) [White]
Ramos + Supreme - The Journey [Hectic]
DJ Seduction - Do This Right [Impact]
Overdubb - Eruption [Impact]
Tango & Fallout - Intrigue [NMI International]
Ramirez - Terapia [ZYX]
B-94 - Money [Interstate]
Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing [Sep Music]
Reyes - Rock With Me (Squeez To Dead ep) [K.N.O.R.]

comment: im missing the tracks in yellow

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