Stu Allan - Key103 Manchester 2-5-93
Hardcore House Hour
The Mix
Defender - Feel It (Bass) [Gyroscope]
C.Biz - Crowd Says Rewind [Big City]
The Skeleton Krew - Luv Ta Luv Ya [Skeleton Recordings]
MC Jay-J & DJ Devious D - Sensational Junglist [Awesome]
? - ? [White]
Demolition Crew - Knights Close [Boogie Beat]
The Vice Squad - On The Edge [Pimp Plastic]
Nookie - Devotion [Reinforced]
Out Of Order - Double Protection [White] ?
Zentrum - Forever Time [Bedlam]
Sublime - Transamerican [Limbo]
Trance Europe Express - Trance Europe Express [ULR One]
Progressive Attack - The Secrets Of Love [Harthouse]
CLS - Can You Feel It (45rpm -6) [Strictly Rhythm]

comment: im missing the tracks in yellow

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