John Kelly - Vol 1, Oct 92 [Grin]
1. Seventh Heaven - In The Mountains (The Out Of Work Matador Mix) [3 Beat] "tease me, squeeze me, feel me"
2. Megatonk - Belgium (Nintendotone Mix)
3. The Ultimate Seduction - House Nation (Ultimate Clubmix)
4. Gilda - Baby Waiting (Musiko Vocal Mix) "no music, no vocals, boys choir" samples CLS
5. Floor Control - Van Basten "uno does trez quatro, girl ill house you" chimo bayo sample
6. Bass Value - Feelin Happy (mix?) (samples TC1992 & Voice On)
7. Restless Rockers - Restless "i get so restless"
8. Man With No Name - Forever 1 (From Within ep 2) "when i was a youth i used to bunk all the weed" ragga male
9. Frendzy - Cant Stop (Harri & Shug Mix) [Walking Man] "Mmm Mmm if your ready to jam" reggae male vocal
10. Moodswings - 100% Total Success (Do What You Want Mix) [AD92]
11. Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out

11. Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (cont)
12. Funky Green Dogs - Reach For Me
13. Overweight Pooch - Hip House Party
14. M.D.III - Shake That Body (Mike's "Hip-House Is Going On Mixx")
15. The Minute Men - All My Friends
16. Mark Davis - You're Special [Strictly Rhythm] "im gonna love you, your special" male/piano
17. Spatial Understanding - Red Light, Green Light (Go!! Mix)
18. Djum Djum - Difference
19. Mombassa - Cry Freedom
20. Baha Men - Back To The Island
21. Dub Hangover - Love Child (B'Stard Dub) [Indisc] "for all the cards you were dealt" bleepy/kariya
22. On - Release It (Ant Swing) [Discolated Hip Recordings] "keep goin" male/piano
23. Mister B - Lets Get Horny (Smells Like Heaven - Londres Strutt "bassline kickin yes im groovin")
24. Risen From The Ranks - Dont Beg For Love [Synthetic] "dont break the love, dont ever leave me alone" female/bleepy

comment: also seen this set labelled - John Kelly @ 051 Icon, Mid '92

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