John Kelly (Vol II) - Fake, 1993 [Grin]
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. [00:00] ? "can you feel it, let your body move" ragga male/piano
2. Wildlife - Dope Producing (Hooked On Dope ep) [Spot On] male/violin
3. Special Clock - Boom Pow (mix?) "makes me wanna scream, boom, pow"
4. Guitar Tribe Club - Guitar Chant [Smile] "ive been saving up all day just for this" female/funky guitar
5. Positive Gang - Sweet Freedom (Original 60s Stylee)
6. Black Science Orchestra - Strong (Part Two) [JBO] "get up" male/disco sample
7. The Moab - Didjeridu Trance (Seventies Mix) samples Stevie V - Dirty Cash
8. Bananarama - More More More (I Can't Techno More Mix) "get your body movin, get the action going, let the beat control your body, do not resist the beat"
9. Leftfield - Not Forgotten (Hard Hands Mix)
10. Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Acappella)
11. Sound Factory - Cuban Gigolo "get on your feet"
12. Musical Science - Musical Science

13. Baha Men - Back To The Island (Da Hub Dub)
14. Astralasia & Suns Of Arqa - Sul-E-Stomp (Original Stompin Mix) irish bagpipe
15. MI 7 - Rockin Down The House [Chill]
16. Dee Patten - Who's The Bad Man (Sound System Mix)
17. DJ Equalizer - Jus Rock! [Inner City Records] "just rock, ooh cant hold it, ow"
18. Play Boys - Mindgames
19. The Groove Corporation Meets The Original Rockers - Stoned
20. 25cents - Addictions "drugs, gambling, sports, liquour" male
21. Wildlife - Hooked On You (Hooked On Dope ep) [Spot On] "your my drug, enjoy the ride" female
22. Underworld - Mmm... Skyscraper I Love You [Boy's Own]
23. Whole New Dream - Love Me Boy [Eight Records] "boy boy, love me boy" male
24. Annie Lennox - Little Bird (Utah Saints Version)
25. The Sound Foundation with Connie Lush - Spell On You "i put a spell on you"
26. Seventh Heaven - The Eternal Question [3 Beat] "if we had been born with eyes" male/piano
27. Mr Monday - Appreciate

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