DJ Welly & Mike Woods @ Karma, The Cricketer, Wigan, Jan 93 A (46min)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. The New Dance Republic - Take It To The Top "i wanna show you" male (sounds like djum djum)
2. Shawn Christopher - Dont Lose The Magic (Morales Club Mix)
3. 49ers - The Message (mix?)
4. Fluke - Slid (Glid) [Circa] "dizzy heights"
5. [10:00] ? Sir James - Special (mix?) "the ultimate high"
6. The Mellow-Dee Project - Take Me Higher (West Side Gang Mix) scat "takes me higher and higher" female/organ
7. Ann Consuelo - See The Day
8. DaYeene - Whos Gonna Get You Back (Gekko Club/Dub)
9. Hustlers Convention - Uptown (The Bastard Offspring Mix) "people gettin loose, dancing to the beat" female
10. Mato Grosso - Jungle (Remix) "check out the rhyme"
11. Talizman - Only You (The Only House Mix)
12. Orbit III - Black Sun (Instrumental Haze) "the sun is black" female
13. Dr Atomic - Schudelfloss (Spooky's High On Hedonism Mix) [Guerilla]
14. Dance to Trance - Dance to Trance [Suck Me Plasma] "its such a good vibration" loleatta holloway vocal sample
15. Supereal Body Medusa (Leftfield Mix) [Guerilla]

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