Judge Jules @ Progress, Derby 31st July 1993
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. K+M - Funk & Drive
Judge Jules
2. The Questions - Black & White (Funky Mix) "you know you know you know, you'll never be right" male
3. DJ Friendly - Down A J.D. [Ugly Bug Records] "gotta get this party rockin"
4. 3rd Nation - Stand Up "get on up now, we gotta take a stand" male
5. Klatsch! - Dance (Be Happy) (Remix) [Fresh Fruit] "do you want to dance & be happy" female with high pitched voice
6. Joy Kitikonty & Francesco Farfa presents: Hoyos Corya feat Tizya - Oyo (Sambo Mix) [UMM] "oh yeah come along"
George Krantz - Din Daa Daa
7. [14:40] ? inst/broken beats
8. [18:40] ? inst + Prince - When Doves Cry
9. Dome Patrol - The Cutting Edge (snake charmer riff)
10. Torfinn - I'll Nostra Tempo De La Vita "take you to a higher degree" male / calypso carnival / piano
11. Public Domain - Make It Rock (The K.M. Soul Mix) "hey mr dj why dont you play that funky song for me"
12. The All Stars - Wanna Get Funky [Tomohawk] "ready to funk"
13. The Poppers - The Funky Flute (Funky Train Mix)
14. Third World - Now That We Found Love
15. Uno Clio - Pleasure (Proctor Street Mix) + C'hantal - The Realm (Acapella)
16. Montego Bay - Same Old Sound (S-Tone Mix) (Saturday Night ep)
17. [44:00] ?

18. Spooky - Land Of Oz (D.O.P. Remix Part 1) [Guerilla]
19. Outrage - Tall & Handsome
20. Son Of God - Harmania (Steves Acidisco Mix) [Chemical Music] "get down to the funky beat"
21. Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities
22. Jagga - Finito
23. DJ Dero - Batucada (Latino Percussion Mix) goodmen beat
24. Cafe Latino - Esta Es La Musica (No Piano Mix) "la muzika"
25. The Funky People - Funky Explosion (Sugar Sugar Mix) JB
26. Jens - Psycho Strings (Glomb ep) "feel the magic" female
27. Musique - In The Bush "push push in the bush"
28. Nu World - Chrystol Dance (bassline)
29. Moods - A Feeling [Deep Dish]
30. Rising High Collective - Fever Called Love (Hardfloor Remix)
31. Jarvic 7 - Pura Sana [49-Parallel] female laugh
announcer thanks Judge Jules
32. Rising High Collective - Fever Called Love
33. Toxic 2 - Rave Generator
34. Brothers Love Dubs - Mings Incredible Disco Machine (E-Lustrious Mix)
35. Ronnie Canada - The Power's In My Music (Acapella) [Tomohawk] "its so hot, burning now" male acc

comment: introduced as "for the second time around, mr judge jules on the decks"


original tape cover


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