Judge Jules @ The Golden Monkey (UK Clubs Unite) Guernsey 94
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[00:00] TTF - The Ultimate High
Judge Jules
[03:00] Nush - U Girls (Look So Sexy)
[06:30] Eric Perez Project - Release "release me yeah" female
[10:00] Donna Giles - And Im Telling You (Im Not Going) (Pride Mix)
[12:20] Cafe Latino - Esta Es La Musica (Remix) "la muzika"
[15:50] The Two Amigos - Los Puerbos [Footwork Records]
[17:05] Torfinn - I'll Nostra Tempo De La Vita "take you to a higher degree" male / calypso carnival / piano
[21:00] Flybaby - Fiesta (Original Mix) [Terra Firma] mouthorgan
[23:00] Tinman - Eighteen Strings (Full On Kitchen Mix) [FFRR]
[27:00] Kool World Productions - Love Ta Funk Ya Babe "pump, lets get this party jumpin" dupree / electric guitar
[29:30] Medium High - The Pleasure (Original Mix) "i know im rushin just a little bit of that" electric guitar
[32:50] David Morales & The Bad Yard Club - In De Ghetto (The Bad Yard Club Mix) [Mercury]
[36:30] Reel 2 Real - Go On Move (Jules & Skins Pumped Up Club Mix) [Positiva]
[40:30] Dubtribe - Mother Earth (Sunshine's Remix feat DJ Collage) "earth man" female/ragga male
[43:00] S.A.I.N. - Its Alright (The 1045 Club Mix) "slammin, get up" piano
[47:00] Killa Green Budds - Keep Slippin' (Digit's Blunted Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
[49:00] Hardhead - New York Express [Strictly Rhythm]
[53:00] Green Velvet - Preacher Man [Music Man] "play house"
[57:00] OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper)
+ System VIII - Underground (Accapella) "play your music mr DJ"
[62:20] The Source - You Got The Love (Erins Bootleg Mix)
[66:30] Blast - Crazy Man (mix?)
[69:20] House Traffic - Everyday Of My Life (Guitar Mix)
[71:10] K.G.B. - Funkin Crazy (Tepid Man'Fat Mix) funky guitar/female laugh
[75:00] Tin Tin Out feat Sweet T - The Feeling
[78:00] Warp-9 - Whammer Slammer [Waak] samba
[80:30] Hed Boys - Girls + Boys "girls out on the floor just move,, toledo"
[85:00] Tall Paul - Rok Da House
[87:00] Raze - Break 4 Love (Our Tribe Mix)
[92:00] Smooth Touch feat Althea McQueen - Come And Take A Trip (Erick "More" Club Mix)
[95:00] Sourmash - Pilgramage To Paradise (Hardfloor Mix) [Prolekult]
[98:00] Gigi D'Agostino & Daniele Gas - Giallone (Remix) bleep
[102:00] Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Our Tribe Vocal Mix)
[105:20] Disco Anthem - Scream
[108:00] DJ Duke - Turn It Up (Say Yeah) (Tribal Madness)
[112:00] Ronnie Canada - Tell The World [Tomohawk]
[115:00] Aquarius - Lets Get Down (Luvdup's Chic Out Mix)
[119:00] Mount Rushmore - Ive Got The Music In Me
[122:00] ? strange riff (familiar) Fresh Fruit?
[124:00] Helicopter - On Ya Way
[126:00] The Crazy Frenchman - Music 4 U (Spirit Acappella) "cos its all about rhythm" male preacher


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