Juicy! Get Ready To Get Wet 96 - Boy George part 2 (57min)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. [00:00] ? "weve got this" female moaning (also on Bangkok set)
2. E-Zee Posse - Everything Starts With An "E" (Brainstorm Raymix)
3. BBE - Seven Days And One Week
4. Express Of Sound - Real Vibration
5. Third Dimension - Dont Go (Rhythm Masters Club Mix)
6. Andy Allder - All Over The World "im here to spread love"
7. Dudearella - Top Of The World
8. Eve Gallagher - (Dont Let Me Be) Misunderstood
9. [43:20] ? inst
10. Kinky Roland - Broadway [More Protein]
11. Huff N Puff - Help Me Make It

comment: this set is a continuation of Boy George @ Bangkok, Coventry 1996
the first 4 track are the end of the Bangkok tape

original tape cover

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