Tony Humphries - Radio 1 (Hotmix pt2) Sunday 8th Nov 92 (28min)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Sounds Of Blackness - Joy (Momo Def Version) "you bring me"
2. Bass Hitt feat Dreamgirl Veee - UK One Day (That Over Night Thang Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] organ
3. Sandy B - Feel Like Singin' [Nervous Records]
4. Taiti - Somebody Loves (Club M.F. Version) [Atmo] "somebody loves you" female/piano
5. [12:00] ? jazzy/male scat/double bass
6. Michaelangelo - Happy [Black Male]
7. Uncanny Alliance - I Got My Education (Masters At Work Dub)
8. Tyrrel Corporation - One Day (One Dub Mix) [Cooltempo] "one day we'll all be free" male
9. Fingers - Dead End Alley [Black Market International] "rock your body"


comment : mark goodyear sitting in for pete tong

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