Tony Humphries - Radio 1 (Hotmix pt1) Friday 6th Nov 92 (29min)
1. MAW & Company feat Xaviera Gold - Gonna Get Back To You (Unreleased Version) "dance to this" male/organ
2. UBQ Project feat Kathy Summer - We Can Make It "we can make it" female/sax
3. The Sugarcubes - Leash Called Love (Tony Humphries Remix) [Elektra]
4. Steve Harvey - Body And Soul (E-Smoove's Groovy Mix) "talk about body, nobody" male
5. Martha Wash - Carry On (Masters At Work Alternative Dance Mix) [RCA]
6. Joey Washington feat The Mens Club - Just Us (BOP To Da Track Mix) "dont let me go" repeated male
7. Club Ice - Manhassett [Black Market International] "want bass" male
8. Loony Toony - The Right Size (Medium Mix) [Absolut Joy] female/sax "gotta be number one"
9. Madonna - Fever [Maverick]
10. The Reese Project - Miracle Of Life [Network] "together you and I, have created something beautiful inside" female (briefly) 

comment : mark goodyear sitting in for pete tong

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