DJ Huggi 1991
1. New Life - Got 2 B Free (Paradise Mix) [A&M] "got to be free"
2. Ree-Venge - Dreams Of Life [D-Zone] "what we gonna do, come off it" down tempo/piano/male
The Emotions - I Dont Want To Lose Your Love (acappella)
Tramaine - Fall Down (acappella) "fall down on me"

3. Evolution - Came Outa Nowhere (Sashas Take Me Higher Mix)
4. Secchi feat Orlando Johnson - I Say Yeah
6. Double Dee feat Dany - Found Love
7. True Faith - Take Me Away
8. Tendance - I Cant Take It "anymore, sing hallelujah"
9. Xpansions - Elevation (Move Your Body)
10. FPI Project - Risky
Jocelyn Brown - Loves Gonna Get You (acappella)
11. S.A.D.O. - Delicious "is there really such a thing?"
Blackbox - Everybody Everybody (acappella)
Peech Boys - Dont Make Me Wait (acappella)
12. Black Riot - Just Make That Move
13. Secchi feat Orlando Johnson - Flute On
Jamaica Girls - On The Move (acappella)
Sinnamon - I Need You Now (acappella)
14. Asmo - Jam The Dance (The Final Venture) the best mix
15. Magoria - Mutoid Waste "loves gonna get you" female
First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (acappella)

comment: most of the acapellas are from Acapella Anonymous Vol. #1

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