Pete Heller @ Release The Pressure, London, Dec 94
1. Elastic Reality - Cassa De X (Deep Dish Does X) [Tribal] jazzy keys
2. Tribal Infusion - Sumba-Lumba (S-Mans Got You In A Trance Mix)
3. Dreamscapes - Textures (Deeps Hard Pass) [Aztonk] male
4. Danell Dixon - The Way You Groove Me [Emotive] "the way you thrill me" piano/female loop
5. The Believers - Who Dares To Believe In Me
6. Swing 52 - Color Of My Skin (AIM Dub)
7. Matrix - Can U Feel It (Johnny Vicious Congan Jungle Mix) "work it"
8. Fire Island - If You Should Need A Friend (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Dub) [JBO] "if you should need a friend, i will be your friend" male

9. Annabella Lwin - Do What You Do (Fire Island Dub) "i love it when ya, activate activate" female
10. Freedom Project Vol 1 - Get Up (Horny) "get up" male
11. 2 Clues - I Can Feel It (Clue Mix) female/organ
12. Hardground feat Madeline Rosado - Let's Do It Again [Hardtrax] female/organ
13. DJ Duke - Throw Ya Hands (In The Air) (DJ Pierre Remix)
14. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Armand's "Lift Me Up" Mix)
15. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (The Bar Dub)
16. Danny Tenaglia - Bottom Heavy (Danny's Bottom Heavy Remix) "look over your shoulder"
17. Anthony Acid - House Groove (Hard Disko Loops Vol 1) "move with the house groove"

comment: also seen this set labelled Pete Heller - Jan 95

original tape cover

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