Harri @ Sub Club, Glasgow 92 (33min)
1. If? - Everything And More (Leftfield Ranch Dub) briefly
2. Ramirez - El Ritmo Barbaro
3. Man Machine - Animal
4. Herbal Infusion - The Hunter [Zoom Records] "hella"
5. The Thompson Twins - Play With Me (Jane) (Dub Wash Mix)
6. Joe Roberts - Love Is Energy (DOP Mix)
7. DJ Pareti feat Liala - Perversione [Smile Productions] bassline/female moan
8. Chris Cuevas - Hip Hop (Masters At Work Dub)
9. Overweight Pooch - I Like It (Redzone Dub) "come on" "come on and get you some more" organ/horns
10. Clubland feat Quartz - Lets Get Busy (Pump It Up) "lets get busy"
11. Ten City - My Piece Of Heaven


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