John McCready - Hacienda FM (Sunset 102) 28-11-92
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
[00:00] Rio Rhythm Band - Carnival Da Casa (Mixa Da Vitoria Da Conquista) [Hooj Choons]
[01:40] Rey Groove - I'm In Love (Love Mix) [Out] "im in love, im in the mood" female
[04:30] Bernard's Amazing Disco Band - I Want Some Trade
[08:00] The Wildchild Experience - Know Eye (Long As You Like Mix) (Wildtrax Vol.1) [Loaded] byron scream (familiar)
[13:30] Ralphi Rosario - Ee-Ah Song "bee bop" female
[17:50] ? inst
John McCready 30min Mix
[23:40] Secret Knowledge feat Wonder - Ooh Baby (Vocals Mix) [Sabres Of Paradise] "a picture paints a thousand words" female whisper
[28:00] ? male
[31:20] Space Children - Lets Go Disco [Sweatbox]
[34:40] Triple Play - Step To The Beat (Dominican Dub) [Dancefloor] "go go, that boy"
[37:10] D.J. Equalizer - The Sounds Of Silence (S.O.S. Theme) "you better then" breaks
[41:00] ? inst
[44:00] Hardfloor - Acperience
[48:40] Eagles Prey - Tonto's Drum
[52:30] Dubwise - Hold Me Real Tight
[55:30] Simple Minds - Theme For Great Cities
[61:00] Paradise Organisation - Prayer Tower "somebody give the lord a handclap" piano
[67:20] The Afro Kid - Dubtown Discoteque (A) [Produce] synth
[71:30] Karen Pollack - You Cant Touch Me (Murk Remix)
[77:30] Blunt Trax Vol.1 - Head Space [Tomato] same female vocal as Mukkaa - Neebro
[82:30] Disco Elements Vol 2 - Progresso Disco Time [Azuli] "summertime is party time" female "get up" male
[86:50] Tuff Productions feat Carol Leeming - Wont Get To Heaven
[91:30] Sub Way - A Latin Thing (El Barrio Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] piano/sax

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