Graeme Park @ Hacienda, 20th July 1991
1. Niteflyte - Dont Cha Know [Desire Records] "passion, devotion" female/piano
2. Agent X - Get Yourself Together "were on the move, shout"
3. Underground Resistance feat Yolanda - Living For The Night (For the Nite Mix)
4. Freefall - Feel Surreal [FFRR]
5. Todd Terry Project - Never Give Up (Melody Mix) "what do you like to do, lets go bang"
6. Static - Dream It (U.S. Dub) [Strictly Rhythm] "ow"
7. Disco Brothers present Nu-Luv - Is This A Dream (Oceana Mix) "or reality"
8. Optik - The Chance To Mix [MBG]
9. SK Project & Roberta Gilliam - Your Love Is Taking Me Over
10. Chocolate Fudge - In A Fantasy (Bumpin' House Mix) "your the best"
11. DSK - What Would We Do (Hurley's House Mix)
12. B.O.P. - Get Off (Dance Mix) "you can get off" piano
13. Liz Torres - Out Of My Life (Dont Fu*k With Me Mix)
1. The Beatmasters - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
2. Homeboy - Control Yourself Cousin (cool hiphop tune) "its time to move"
3. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Let The Beat Hit Em (Super Pumped-up C&C Inst Mix)
4. De La Soul - Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
5. Cut N Move - Get Serious (hip hop)
6. The Moody Boys - What Is Dub "I know & you know, show me what is love" (samples deelite)
7. ABC - Love Conquers All (The Morales Eclipse Mix)
8. Bananarama - Tripping On Your Love (Were All Doved Up Dub)
9. D'Bora - Dream About You "if I cant be with you, I guess im gonna have to dream about you"
10. Jellybean - Spillin The Beans
11. Basscut - Im Not In Love (Satoshi Tomie Unreleased Dub 2)
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