Graeme Park & Christian Woodyatt @ Bangkok, Coventry 94
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
* Graeme Park * (58min)

1. [00:00] ??? "blackness give me some of that jazz" male "move your body, all night" female
2. The Foot Club - Driftwood (The Big Magic Tom Tom Mix) "get down, in my house" male scat
3. DJ Duke - Get Up (The Unreleased Dubs Vol.2) "get up, get up" repeated male/acidy/piano
4. Ill Disco - Keep The Jam Going (Live AT The OPL Mix)
5. Sam Ellis - Club Lonely (Luv Dup Mix)
6. Sound Design (Todd Terry) - Bounce To The Beat
7. Donna Summer - Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Morales Classic Mix)

8. Ace Of Base - Living In Danger (Morales D-House Mix)
9. Kim English - Time For Love (Morales Club Mix)
10. Loni Clark - Loves Got Me (On A Trip So High) (Parkside Club Mix)
11. Maria Rowe - Sexual (Parkside Club Mix)
12. Basia - Drunk On Love (Roger's Ultimate Anthem Mix)
13. Nootropic - I See Only You (Love To Infinity Deep Love Mix)

* Christian Woodyatt * (58min)
1. E.V.E - Groove Of Love (Groove Of House Mix)
2. Bottom $ - You Cant Turn Around (Save The Robots Dub) [Olympic] "turn the f##n music up, cant turn around" female
3. [11:40] ? "wow" female/organ/whistle/calipso
4. Patti Austin - Reach (Dub) its better everyday, come walk with me for a better day (female)
5. Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up (Big Bump Mix) "im never ever gonna give you up thou i try"

6. Home Alone - Gimme Your Love (House Mix) [Loaded] crowd cheering "get up, give me your love" (female)
7. Ed The Red - It's Alright (Lovelands Full On Vocal 12") [Wizz] "its alright with me" female/piano
8. Deep Dish presents Quench - High Frequency [Tribal] "breath deep" female
9. Gerideau - Bring It Back To Love (male/piano)
10. 5th Circuit - Sexy Movemaker "sexy move maker, rump shaker, here we go"
11. CJ Lewis - Best Of My Love (Big Boss Groove Mix) "youve got the best of my love" male 

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